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Event Details


As a laboratory applicant who wants to get nothing but a good result, it is important to provide the necessary samples in the facility. One of which is the urine and this even will help you get what you need.

Who is This Event For?

This is an event for anyone who will undergo a urine exam or simply who needs fake pee to ensure that will provide urine that’s free of disease and infection. This event is good for a limited time only and will benefit many people.

Event Details

The event will focus on what synthetic urine is made of and its purpose. As an attendee, you will find out the many uses of fake pee/synthetic urine that will answer most of your laboratory concerns such as if you’re anxious about any illness. By attending this event, you’ll find out a solution that won’t require you to spend so much.


11am – Meet and greet with tea and cake

11.30am – Talk: What Makes Up Fake Urine?

12.30pm – Talk: What Are The Uses Of Synthetic Urine?

1.30pm – Talk: Who Can Benefit From Fake Urine?

2pm – Q&A

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Is the ticket for free?

Yes, the ticket is free of charge.

Is there any free snacks?

Light snacks such as tea and cakes will be available in the morning.

Do I need to bring anything?

You can bring a pen and a notebook so you can jot down important notes. You can also bring your smart phone or cameras for documentation.

Why should I attend?

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Attending this event will help you deal with your urine sample concerns. For instance, you worry about infections or diseases that will show in your urine and that it might hinder a job application or you feel like you’re unable to pass a drug test on your own, then this event, you will be taught about the perfect alternative for your original urine.See more at


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13754 Mango Drive,
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